Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Off the Checklist

So, I have a very specific goal in mind with my sewing projects these days (which I hope to share some time soon), and I'm still working with Anna Maria Horner's new fabric collection, LouLouThi. I've been using little snippts and scraps, and it's nice to say that otherwise tiny pieces that would have fallen to the floor and eventually found their way in the trash can are finding a place under the sewing needle... it makes me feel like I'm really "owning" the collection.

In addition to mixing fabrics from Anna's previous collection, Innocent Crush, I have started adding linen to the mix. This fabric was kind of an accident... you know how it is, you go shopping for one thing and bring something else home instead. Do you do that too?

Well, I've fallen in love with the muted, blue-gray linen that almost give the appearance of denim, but with a more refined look. I've always loved linen, especially in the summer, and it's been fun to incorporate in a new element.

So, how is it with you... do you find yourself shifting the colors of your projects as the seasons change or do you work with whatever fabrics move you at the time, regardless if they are a "summer fabric" in the middle of winter?


  1. They look really lovely, Allison! I like the way you used little scraps, they work well together. As I've just started to sew, I can only tell from this year that I very much go with the seasons. In the spring I used lighter colours, a lot of light green and pastels. Now I like to work with brown, green and white as a contrast. It somehow wouldn't feel right for me to not "go with nature" if you know, what I mean. Have a nice day and looking forward to your goal reveal!

  2. The bags look lovely, and the blue linen is just gorgeous! I wish I was a bit more experimental when it comes to choosing fabrics…I always see beautiful patterns and colours selected by other people…and when it comes to buying new fabrics I always somehow end up buying polka dots and gingham…which are OK if you are three years old…must get out of my safety box


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