Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Do you have a room in your house that every time you're in it, you only leave with a sigh and a headshake thinking "wow, is that ever a dull and boring room!"... but find that the even more frustrating part of it is that you have no idea what to do to fix it?

I guess this is how I have felt about our bathroom since the day we moved in (which is now going on four years!). As with all house renovations, it is about deciding what is most important on the remodeling list and what can I live with until I have the money to do something about it. Bathroom redo's are not cheap and since our "inherited" bathroom was clean and in good condition, we decided to just live with it. But I have always hated how dull and boring it was, and having angled walls and tiles from floor to ceiling did not leave very much room for adding any "pretties".

But now that my hubby has a little bit slower season with work, you can only imagine how many things he has on his "honey-do" list... and all it took was a simple shelf...

...and a framed print from an artist that I adore. A sweet present from a dear friend of mine. ( I told you a long time ago that I would show you what else Juliette sent me for our "Craft It Forward" action... here it is, an air-dry white clay ornament that she made. For me, "faith" is not just a word that I only think about at Christmas time)

... and we've needed a new clock ever since the little guy wanted to see if our old one could actually float. A simple touch of green with a favorite pretty flowered mirror.

... and of course I couldn't leave out a little touch of fabric with a couple bright and cheerful pinwheels.

... done. A simple, yet attractive accent wall and we said bye-bye to boring. I even got a confirmation from the little one when he noticed the new shelf the following day and let me know that he liked it with an "ohhhhh."


  1. I love it!! Especially those pinwheels and all the other bits and bobs of color. =)

    Know what's really funny? We've been sprucing up our bathroom over the past 2wks, too! It was just so 'blah' in there. It's not quite where I want it, but I totally know what you mean!

  2. that's lovely!
    and i know what you're talking about. although we have renovated the complete house we still have rooms which are kind of new but boring.
    some things take time - i always say to myself. and time is floating by... *sigh* ;)

  3. I know exactly how you feel since I have several rooms in my house I want to make over. When we first moved into the house we just didn't have the money to do anything to personalize any of the spaces. That is my project this year to improve a couple of the rooms in my house.


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