Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It Only Took Five

My husband and I had only been dating for one month the first time that he sent me flowers. When the doorbell rang and a big bouquet was presented to me, I said to myself... "I'm going to marry that guy!" Well, it took a little more than flowers to get me to agree, but let's just say that they helped.

Throughout the years I've gotten lots of flowers from my husband, but they have always been missing one thing... my favorite flower. It has kind of been a running joke with us, and I have told my husband multiple times that when he brings the bouquet which includes my favorite flower, that I would let him know.

Yesterday, my guy finally hit it... a bouquet for Valentine's Day which included my favorite flower... the simple, sweet, and yet cheerful DAISY.

... and it only took five years for him to find it. Smile.


  1. I love the part in "You've got mail" when Meg Ryan says: "Daisies are such friendly flowers, don't you think so?"
    Have a nice day!

  2. I love that it happened in your Valentine's bouquet! =)

    I'm enjoying the scent of pink hyacinths from yesterday's bouquet. =)

  3. Yes, I guess lemon bars are probably too sweet for Germans, but you could give them a try for a girls morning out. Do you have a group of moms that you hang out with?

  4. Kelleyn, all my "girls" that I get together with are also German, so kinda the same thing with sweeet things. I only have one American friend and she lives in Central Germany... too far away for regular girls days out. Sigh... but it's on my wishlist for the next time we fly home for Christmas.

  5. how funny, I love lemon bars! ;-)


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