Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All Wrapped Up

Since I'm on the topic of ribbons, I thought it might be nice to share another "non-sewing" ribbon project. I guess this really is not project at all, but a simple way to add a little pep to wrapped gifts.

I really love plain or natural looking items such as brown cardstock, like I use for my thank you cards, jute twine, or just simple packing paper. Why not let the details of a well packed gift stand out instead of the paper itself?

I've had lots of fun with this great adhesive peel and stick paper from K & Company. Just simply find a cute dye cutter stamp and then the paper works just like a sticker and can be used to hold ribbons or other paper items in place. I'm sure that many of you on this side of the pond might recognize this great retro inspired ribbon from Jolijou.

One, two, three... Done!

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