Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Sewing Required

I absolutely love the challenge of using traditional sewing items for non-sewing projects. I realize that there are many out there that love ribbons, trimmings, buttons, and fabrics, but don't like to sew or simply just don't have the time. With a super active little one myself, I know how precious creative time can be.

While looking for supplies for another project, I stumbled onto these ribbons crimps. Such a nice way to finish off those unfinished edges. A simple clasp, add a simple charm, and these fantastic Anna Maria Horner ribbons are turned into a simple and lovely bracelet.

No sewing required... how great is that?


  1. Seriously, these bracelets are so cool. What a great way to use the ribbons and get a pop of color into ones wardrobe. Love Love Love it! I wish we weren't going to be so far away from you. I would love to meet you. Maybe next year when we go to Denmark.

  2. What a great idea! Have a wonderful and hopefully sunny weekend!

  3. Fantastic. Could you share where did you stumble upon these crimps?

  4. Kelleyn, if you do happen to do a "kleinen Ausflug", then you are more than welcome to stop by... even with all four!

    Kristina you can find them on my two favorite online supplies shopping sites: OR


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