Wednesday, April 11, 2012


O.K., so I guess it would be fair to say that I have been "missing in action" this past week, but with good reason. We decided to take the week off for Easter and visit family. First stop was a visit to Tante Bip & Onkel M's house where the little guy kept his older cousins on the move and very much on their toes. Second stop was to Oma & Opa's house. You know, standard Easter events... coloring eggs, searching for treats, and eating way too much chocolate. What more could a kid ask for? But we're back now and I sure am ready to get back into the swing of things... and how are you? Are you ready for spring?


  1. I hope spring has arrived in Germany. I am not prepared for the cold after weeks of 70 plus weather. 9 more days until we touch German soil.

  2. Well, Kelleyn, I wouldn't hold my breath. Spring is partially here. I'm sure your husband might have shared with you the common saying here... April, April doesn't know what it wants. We have had some nice weather (not quite in the 70's), but I've not pulled out my spring clothes just yet.

    Wow... packing for four kids for such a long trip and for such a long stay... respect! I have a hard enough time with just one. Have a great flight, and again if you make it this direction even spontaneously, let me know!

  3. yes! if the amount of forced bulbs in the house is any indicator, we are more than ready! =)


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