Tuesday, May 15, 2012


One of the very first German blogs that I stumbled onto after I made it into the blogging world was Sandra Monat's blog, Herzenart. How could one not be in love with her quirky and super fun Vikings, knights, and British guard softies that would absolutely thrill and delight kids of any age? This past year she also came out with her own ribbons, and I fell in love with one of her projects that she made with them. (As you very well know with my love for ribbons, I'm always looking for fun ways to use them)

I adjusted the pattern a little bit to add this bright aqua accent band since my ribbons are not as wide, but I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Sandra did a guest blogger series on whip up with her pin pouffe tutorial. You should really check it out... a really great tutorial for a quick and easy ribbon project that would be perfect as a gift or just something nice for yourself.


  1. That IS super cute! and oh my goodness, you even have matching pins! I love it! =D

  2. Adorable! This pin cushion makes me want to be a sewer!

  3. allison! congratulations with your wonderful set of ribbon designs!

    Oh an by the way: Go visit Nederland. I'm biased of course but you wo't be disappointed...

  4. sorry about all the typo's. blame it on the ipad and the late hour ;)


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