Tuesday, May 8, 2012

As Promised

So, I promised to show you more from my ribbons, and I intend to deliver. This second colorway actually happened somewhat by accident, but I'm glad it did. We had originally planned to only have the ribbons made in the light and dark blue colors, but later on found out that for practically the same amount of money, we could split the colors. Of course, it kicked out our original release date, but I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I have really enjoyed working with the softer, more feminine spring colors.

How about a closer look?...

I decided to combine the soft spring green and fresh aqua's with a couple fabrics from one of my all time favorite fabric collections, "Weekends", from Erin McMorris to make a sweet little cosmetic, sewing bag, or whatever else one can dream to put in it. What a perfect way to add that extra little something.

So, what are your spring time projects this year... cleaning, creating, or relaxing?


  1. oh...sehr hübsche frühlingsfarben. gefällt mir gut!! tolle bänder zudem...

    liebe grüße, doro K.

  2. Allison, this is such a sweet collection!! I'm really enjoying all your sneak peeks!

    My spring projects consist of cleaning and working, but this weekend I hope to finish up a few creative projects that have been left dangling. =)

  3. Allison, those are so incredibly beautiful!!

  4. i just found yur blog! i am so very impressed with your work and vision and look forward to getting you better.


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