Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What's Your Color Song?

I've been thinking about color a lot lately. 

We all have a tendency to gravitate towards certain colors, while perhaps we avoid other colors... and we all probably have our reasons why, whether we realize that reason or not.

A while back someone pointed out to me that the majority of my fabrics stem from two main colors: green and shades of pink. After having considered it, I came to the conclusion that there might be some truth in it. I really noticed recently when I sorted my fabric stash by colors... and there it was staring me back in the face!

My favorite color has always been green, even as a little girl. I never went through the "pink is my favorite color, therefore EVERYTHING must be pink" phase. When I think about green I think about life, spring, new, growth, nature, and think it's the one color that somehow makes everything complete. Looking at the color wheel, perhaps I might make the natural gravitation unknowingly to the complimentary color of green. Even though I embrace lots of colors, especially bold colors, the two colors that I somehow seem to avoid are red and blue, especially in combination with each other... and I'm not even really sure why. It's true that I see the repetitions over and over again with my fabrics choices, but when I consider my clothing choices or how I decorate my home, that is a completely different equation.

I once had someone tell me about people that can see color while listening to music. (you can read about it here) It was an exciting thought to think about multiple senses being connected in such a way. There are even some that claim that they can taste, hear, and smell color. Wow, can you imagine experiencing color with a sense other than sight?!?  

Taking that into consideration, it's been fun for me to think of color in a completely abstract way that perhaps the way we combine colors might even be like a song. Each song is different, each song unique, and each song is our own. Sometimes a favorite color combination might be like singing your favorite, old familiar song.

So what's your color song?

...slow but sure progress on my paper piecing project, but linking up to WIP Wednesday nonetheless.


  1. My favourite colour is purple. It used to be pillar box red but as I've grown older, I've grown more sophisticated! LOL
    My clothing has a lot of blue in it, mostly because blue is an easy colour to buy when I need clothes -- some variation of it is always available! Purple is a lot harder to find in a price range I am willing to pay!
    The colour combination I really don't like is red and green -- except at Christmas time! I love both colours, just not together!

  2. What a fun thought...I'm going to have to think about it. I tend to go for a lot of red and blue just because when I make things they're usually for my house and those are the only two colors my husband used to agree on. My office is full of different colors, and so is my wardrobe.

  3. I struggle to work out a favourite colour, but I do love blue just not exclusively. I got that book for my birthday, it's inspiring, can't wait to see more of your paper piecing.

  4. I too am a green girl and have a lot of green fabric, every time I look at my stash for a project I always want yellow too but I never have any and never seem to buy any either, not sure why. I think there are some deep routed colour choices inbuilt into each of us.

  5. My colors have changed over the years! When I was little it was blue! Then I went through a yellow phase as it is so sunny and happy. Now I gravitate towards, Red, Orange, and Turquiose.

  6. My favorite colors are yellow and purple. Somehow they wind up in anything I work on. Your work is beautiful.

  7. I would say my favorite color is mint, but when it comes to quilting I can't say no to citron.

  8. Interesting topic. I've always been a red/orange/yellow girl, but lime green has been my neutral since I began quilting nearly 20 years ago. So those are the colors of most of my quilts. And except for turquoise, I have almost no blue or purple in my stash.

  9. Thought-provoking post...
    I was in an orange phase in my quilting for awhile last year. Then more recently I've been in a green phase. Now I'm working with neutrals. And these colors all have absolutely nothing to do with my preferences in apparel and décor.
    Could it be that each project calls to us when we need it, and tells us what colors it needs to be, and that's why we're drawn to that project? Maybe the colors satisfy something undefined in our psyche...

  10. You're quilt in progress looks so good! I love that pattern in every iteration I see.

    I have two very different songs. One is dark and moody and loves blacks, grays, navys and purples. And the other is bright and happy and wants everything to be as saturated and bright as possible.

    (And I have a friend who can see tastes. She once described a soup as a whale splashing in the ocean. Dinners with her are always fun.)

  11. My favorite color has been purple since I was a very young girl. Lately however, I seemed to have changed to sky blue, bright yellow and orange - go figure. Really really dig your WIP - it is fabulous!

  12. I think my color song is at the warm end of the spectrum Red, Orange & Yellow. Last week at the LQS I had to be conscious to only purchase fabrics with green in them. I ended up with three quarter yards and yard of discounted bright green with multi colored circles and one yard of a navy and teal chevron (also discounted)

  13. I don't have a favourite colour! When it comes to clothing I avoid blue like the plague; it makes me look like Death-(only slightly)-warmed-up. But for patchwork I'm open to any colours, although I haven't used much brown.
    Your WIP is intriguing. I look forward to seeing more of it.

  14. Colour is such a funny thing. I am not sure I have an absolute or exclusive favourite but I do have a least favourite which is pink. Curiously though I have a ton of pink in my stash (go figure??). Love your paper piecing project and look forward to seeing more.

  15. I'm loving your blocks!

    A few years ago, I played a wedding with this gal who has synesthesia. Here is an article/video of how she "hears" colors. Pretty neat stuff!


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