Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We Interrupt This Regular Broadcast

... to bring you this special program:

I've decided put my Facing East blocks on hold for a bit... but with good reason. It has become painfully clear to me that I really need a quilt design wall if I'm going to get very far. I give up with trying to keep things small, as was my original goal. In keeping with my usual dilemma, I always think... "well, if I've come this far, then why not go all the way?"

While reading through some of my favorite blogs this January, I stumbled across tons of New Year's Resolutions, but one really stuck out in particular. We all (that is if you sew) have that "special stack"... you know, the ones that we pull out every so often, moon over them and stroke them, and then pack them back into their place of honor, telling ourselves that these are far to special or too hard to find to cut... right? Well, this bloggers challenge (oh, I can't even remember who it was?!?) to herself and to others was to get that one fabric that you've been saving for something special and make something for yourself! Somehow, there is a little hint of brilliance in this simple and obvious statement! So, here she is... my one Melody Miller print that I've been hoarding saving:

It may seem that I am the ONLY one out there that has not made the Super Tote bag from Noodlehead, but I decided to remedy that. I started out using other snippits of this fabric, but decided the colors were too muted for a favorite purse and decided to mix it with the new Cotton & Steel fabrics. My favorite little telephone print is framed out and in focus using the inner star from this free tutorial. I've already finished and quilted the front side by simply outlining the star and shadowing the shape on the rest of the piece.

... and here's the start on the back. It's always amazing to me the "shrink" that you experience once the blocks have been sewn together. This is the mini version of the Mayflower Block from the Vintage Quilt Revival book that left the internet all ablaze last year.

So tell me, what fabrics are in your "special stack"... any plans for them this year?

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  1. Oh I love my special stack of fabrics! I am saving some Kate Spain for something special, and some Lotta, and some Daisy Janie. That's kind of a lot isn't it. LOL

  2. Beautiful work! I have so many special stacks, but my newest is Priory Square. I am waiting to figure out the perfect pattern for it. :)

  3. Tsoniki, in comparison to some, I don't think that's too much ; )

    Corinne, ohhhh... I just love the Priory Square fabrics! Now those will be some fabrics to hoard especially since they are limited edition prints!

  4. What fun to use fabric you love for something just for you. This is my first stop at your blog. I love the story behind your blog name. I have several special stacks of fabric right now--they're all assortments, most that were part of giveaways. I'm not really hoarding them, but I have a couple of projects that need to get done before I can use them. Problem is, there are always "a couple of projects."

  5. Your bag is going to look sensational. I can't wait to see it done. I have a few special stacks, but I have projects allocated to them. I just need to stop joining swaps / making things for other people and to make something for myself!

  6. Love the fabrics and colors, can't wait to see your finished bag!

  7. I totally know how you feel about the Noodlehead tote! I made that a goal for 2015. Love your use of Cotton + Steel fabrics. I look forward to seeing your finished tote!

  8. hmmm, all my fabric :)

    It looks lovely so far, curious how it turns out.

  9. That bag will be just gorgeous. I have a special stack of lots of DEnyse Schmidt fabrics, AMH and Liberty. I need to use them, so little bits are starting to get cut off for special block.

  10. Really love these fabrics together - this is going to be one amazing tote bag!


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