Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meet Edyta Sitar

Each person that quilts has their own understanding and definition of what modern quilting is. Although my own personal sewing and creative style tends to lean towards to working with more modern and current fabrics, I deeply appreciate a variety of styles when it comes to quilting, even very traditional.

Living on the other side of the pond, but following the American quilting scene quite closely, much of what is necessary for me to keep up on things is done behind the computer screen. So when I get an opportunity to meet a quilting legend in person, it doesn't take much to get me to jump. Since Holland is essentially just at my back door, I decided to travel to the tulip country to meet such a quilter.

Like most sewer's, Edyta Sitar's love of fabrics started at an early age. However, once she was introduced to the family tradition of quilting through her mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law, her passion developed wings, and really began to take flight. What makes Edyta's quilts unique and fascinating, and has become her trademark and signature style, is that she combines traditional small prints with colorful batiks, which most would not have dared to do.

Many of Edyta's quilt patterns mix traditional blocks with beautiful applique shapes. When I asked her how she originally started designing patterns, she shared that she had showed a quilt that she had designed at a public event, and afterwards she had numerous quilters approach her asking for the pattern. After working with a local quilt shop to sell the patterns and teach workshops, Laundry Basket Quilts was born.

Edyta also shared that about ten years ago she received offers from two different companies to design fabric, and has been designing fabric for Moda Fabrics since then. The Jelly Bean batiks with bright colors, adding that extra pop and interest are my favorites.

I found Edyta to be very warm and pleasant, and just as humorous in person as she is on her Moda Schoolhouse videos. Originally from Poland, but having grown up in Germany, and now living in the US, I can indentify with her in many ways, living an expat life myself and working to build a creative business.

In addition to Edyta's patterns, she also offers a Craftsy Class giving tips on fabric selection, piecing, and fusible appliqué, a variety of YouTube channel tutorials and how-to's, and has authored multiple books.


  1. Gorgeous Quilts! I love the one with the birds on it! She has an amazing talent.

  2. I know batiks are not popular with modern quilters, but they can add such a depth of colour to a quilt, I don't use a lot, but love the look when I have. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  3. Wow! some stunning quilts there!

    I agree, "modern" seems to be a personal interpretation. I have friends who call their quilting style "modern" but I don't think it would be accepted in some circles!

  4. I'm really impressed by her eye for tiny details. Amazing skills here!


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