Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vogelhochzeit & Lena's Patchwork

Some time back my oldest son started a special tradition with his Omama (grandmother), that each time they would drive somewhere together he would always get a bon-bon and she would play his favorite CD, Vogelhochzeit (Bird Wedding.) The Vogelhochzeit is a sweet musical tale by a well known German composer Rolf Zuckowski. Unlike some other children's music, the whole CD is full from start to finish with melodic surprises that are truly a delight to hear.  

The tale starts out with a bird that wanted to have a wedding (Ein Vogel wollte Hochzeit machen)... "what does a bird do, who is alone? Do you all know what I mean? He looks for a spot in a tree, and sings his most beautiful song, and when he is lucky, soon a little female sits next to him."... and such delightful songs were the inspiration for my latest project's for Lena's Patchwork magazine (German):

The story progesses when the lonely bird greets his future mate and asks to sit next to her, they dance together, and later await the arrival of their baby. The mother-to-be bird dreams of one day flying again, but is happy to protect her little egg until the baby comes... and then later as expected "tick, tick, tick, what is knocking there in the egg"? (was klopft denn da im Ei?)

...the new little chick arrives and anxiously greets his parents "Hello Mama, Hello Papa, the time is up, and here I am. Hello Mama, Hello Papa, how are you, is everything OK?"

The little family soon finds out  that a baby chick is never full, but when he grows up that he wants to fly to the clouds, and knows that "he must learn a lot... dreams about the golden stars... wants to stand on his own legs... and fly the world alone."

The story comes to an end as the grown baby sits in his own tree and sings his most beautiful song... a bird wanted to have a wedding.

Models including patterns and sewing instruction in the Febuary issue of Lena's Patchwork magazine. Fabrics: Cori Dantini "Good Company" for Blend Fabrics.


  1. Beautiful beautiful work (again!) Allison! I especially love the details on the wings of the birds! Really lovely combos!

  2. This is SUCH a sweet and endearing story! And your creations telling each part of the story are fabulous. I love the little details and the perfect stitched lines... gorgeous!


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