Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Still Stackin' & a WIP

When I was pregnant with my oldest son I found that I would crave very specific things at very specific times. At one point I had such a craving for sushi that I thought I would loose it, come completely unglued, and have a serious emotional meltdown if I did not get my hands on a little sampling of these delectable delicacies. The challenge was, of course, to find a way to satisfy my craving without eating the highly forbidden raw fish.... and somehow ordering the cooked versions of my favorites did it! While I realize that having a few favorite Heather Ross designs printed from Spoonflower perhaps is not exactly like having the original, I knew that it would definitely satisfy my craving.

There are two fabric designers that have been at the top of my favorites list for years now: Heather Ross and Lizzy House. I know that there might be a lot of bandwagon people out there, jumping on the latest trend that drives by, but I assure you, I am not one of them. I have been googling and drooling over Heather Ross fabrics for years, but somehow, there was never really the chance for me to score some yardage of her highly coveted fabrics. 

With prints that are this sweet, how could I not add a few snippits to my Scrappy Windmill quilt...

So, who is that one designer whose fabrics always make you drool?

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  1. How awesome that Heather is able to use Spoonflower as a platform to have old patterns reprinted - that is really neat. I'm not one that is all about particular designers; but I do get really excited about nerdy rockets / sciency prints. :)

  2. I had no idea about Heather Ross and Spoonflower! I'm not a band wagon person either, but I do love Anna Maria Horner. I can drool over her fabrics, but it doesn't mean I will buy them just because of who she is!

  3. I really like the more vintagy looking fabrics so I like Lori Holt but I love the feel of the Art Gallery Fabrics!

  4. I had no idea you could get oop fabrics from spoonflower! Those will be a lovely addition to your quilt, for sure! (Did you read Heather's book? Made me want to buy ALL THE HEATHER ROSS FABRICS IN THE WHOLE WORLD :-)
    I can't afford to jump on bandwagons :-) I like the work of so many designers, but Jenean Morrison will always have a special place in my heart. Her California Dreamin' line was my introduction to designer fabric. Oh. My. :-) It's silly but I try to put a piece of JM fabric into every quilt if at all possible. It's only not been possible a couple of times (like my black and white, for instance)

    Happy sewing ~ Tracy

  5. It's hard to say who makes me covet their fabric the most, but I like Tina Givens lines that use animals and fairies. Heather Ross has some adorable prints, but I had no idea of what was available on Spoonflower. I have to check it out. You got some sweet choices, and you're using them to your benefit, a bit at a time. Great sleuthing to your find!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  6. Fabrics that make me drool.

    AMH I love her bright, clashy colours and designs - I think her fabrics bring out my inner gypsy, not that I buy everything she designs mind you, and Liberty - for sheer prettiness and strokeablility. Pity they are all so expensive here in New Zealand.


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