Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Scrappy Windmill WIP

First there was one... and one became two. Two became four, and then things slowly started to come together...

Color experts, where are you?... I really need your help!

I've been debating back and forth whether I should continue my Scrappy Windmill quilt with some of my dark brown snippits or not. Somehow when I look at the individual blocks, it feels like it is too dominant and takes away from the fresh and juicy feeling that I am going for since I am using lots of greens, pinks (of course), oranges, and yellows.

For the second photo I took the dark blocks out to compare. Does the quilt need the dark contrast to make the other colors pop, or does it look brighter and fresher without them? Any thoughts?

I really am using several of my all time favorite scraps that I had so much fun rediscovering when I did my major scrap sorting earlier this month. 

As silly as it may sound, pulling some of them out again was like running into old friends that I hadn't seen in a long time... and I thought, oh, I remember you... it's so nice to see you again... where have you been hiding all this time?!?

Are there any seasoned paper-piecers out there too?... I'm a little unsure as to whether you really have to leave the paper in the blocks until the rows are sewn together? I had a big "oops" moment when I realized after reading through the pattern directions that you are actually supposed to leave the paper in...  I didn't do this with my Facing East blocks, but so far so good.

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  1. I like the pop that happens with the occasional darker color. Both versions are pretty.

  2. Love how this pattern showcases favorite prints. pretty.

    I am not a big fan of paper piecing, mostly because of the paper removal. I would want to remove from the blocks rather than additional seams with paper.

    I recently tried the 'paperless' piecing technique and really like it. Still very accurate, it uses freezer paper and seems to use less fabric as well. Here is a tute that looks like what I did..

  3. I really like the darker one! But I am actually not an expert in Color. Whenever I uses Paper Picing i left all of the paper in until the whole Thing was finished. But I din't think, that you are going to face Problems if the paper is already removed.

    Do you know "Idaroellchen" on Instagram? She is doing the same quilt right know. One of my Love, Patchwork and Quilting-Pattern-Favorites.

    I love to so the final quilt!

  4. I like the pops of darker colours, and if they are some of your favourite fabric scraps just go for it.

    With regards to leaving the paper in, it does help the pieces to keep their shape until you sew all the blocks together. I don't sew on the seam lines when joining the blocks though, I fold the paper back after ensuring all pertinent points are matching and just sew the fabric together.

  5. Both of them look good, but I think I'm the minority when I say that I like the version without the darker colors best. It's just so bright and fresh and fun! But the darker pops sort of transform it into a different quilt. It just depends on what you want because both versions will be stunning. :)

  6. I like both, but like the one with the darker pops of color best-but that is just my personal preference.

  7. I like without the darker colors on the front. But don't waste what you've made. Put them in the back for a scrappy pieced back look.

  8. Both these layouts are pretty - but for the "fresh and juicy" look my opinion is the second one does it. I sort like the second one better too - without the darker prints. It is your quilt, so do whichever makes you happy. (You know deep down which it is) I totally LOVE your prints - they are SO VERY PRETTY. And then seeing the little details, the numbers, frog & bee - so cute.

  9. I like the colorful version, BUT I think I would take all of the browns (maybe add one more, or use a darker non-brown) and put them together in the bottom right windmill (or any one, really). That way, you've got your cohesive rainbow bright colors, with a "pop" of a brown windmill with your favorite scraps. Maybe?

    As for paper piecing, I leave the paper on as long as possible, except where it will be "sewn in". It helps keep the shapes together, and I actually do sew on the quarter inch seam lines to join the blocks. Then again, I love paper piecing, so take it for what it's worth! Do you use a 1.2 stitch length? it makes paper removal a BREEZE! This is lovely :)

  10. What a neat pattern! In theory I would gravitate to the second option but I think the darks in the first option really do make it pop & somehow ground everything.

  11. I like the version without the browns better. But I agree with Linda, deep down you do already know - so trust yourself :) Hugs

  12. I prefer the version without the browns too but have to agree, that it would be nice to use them for the back!
    As for the paper piecing - I leave the paper until I have finished the whole thing. I think it's easier to keep the shape with the paper on. When sewing curves - e.g. a NYB-block - I rip the paper off before sewing the curves. In this case it's too stiff with the paper on...


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