Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stack 'em Up!

I'm quilting now, so the way I think about fabrics is a little bit different than I did a year ago. Over the years I've collected a lot of fabrics that I would consider to be "main" or "focal" prints, but since I am now regularly quilting, I realized that my fabric stash was seriously lacking in the supporting prints section... not everyone can take center stage, right?

If you live on the US side of the pond, then you might look at my newly acquired stash and think "cha'ching"... dollar signs showing up in your head, knowing very well how much a stack like this might cost. If you live on the German side of the pond, then you know a different story. So to bring the first group up to speed with the second, I'll calculate it for you this way: Take that price that you just calculated, and then double it, yes, I said DOUBLE IT! - that's the price you would pay for the same high quality quilting fabrics in Germany! So while States side, I just had to take advantage of prices that essentially feel like half-priced (I'd be crazy not to, right?) - but I think it's safe to say, that this will be my stash for the year!

The quilting scene in Germany runs at a totally different pace as it does in the US. Quilting in Germany is not as big, even though there are some really fantastic quilters on this side of the pond, and as you could very well guess, tastes, interests, and skills are quite different. Often I can't find fabrics for quilting projects in one place like you can at some of the one-stop-shop, we-carry-EVERYTHING online shops in the US. There are a lot of main fabric prints available here, but often the supporting fabrics are missing, or maybe just one or two other fabrics from a collection are sold together.

Supporting Prints by: Lizzy House Jewels & Constellations, Alison Glass various Sun prints, Marin Sutton Good Natured, Bee in My Bonnet Gracie Girl, Eric and Julie Comstock S'more Love, Carolyn Gavin Spring Street, Gypsy Girl Woodland Key, Carolyn Friedlander Botanics, Jane Dixon.

Text Prints by: Patty Young's Just My Type, Kumiko Fujita First of Infinity, Carrie Bloomston Paint, Eric and Julie Comstock Baby Jane, Sweetwater Elementary Penmanship.

What are you stacking today? 

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  1. That is one GORGEOUS stack of fabric!! I completely understand why you *had* to buy all of that... but golly I'm drooling and jealous!! :) What a great stash building trip! (also, I don't know what shipping a package from here to you would cost and whether it would balance out the cost of fabric, but if there's ever any fabric you just *HAVE* to have, I'd be happy to get it for you and mail it---like I said, it may be the same as buying it in Germany, but the offer is there! Lovely picks!

  2. I could probably get about half of the fabrics shown here in Germany, but it might be from five different sellers! By the time you include shipping from five different places, it really adds up!

    Kitty, thank you so much for the offer... so very sweet! Usually I wait until one shop has a lot of what I am looking for and place a large order, or share an order with a friend. Fabrics from designers like Alison Glass, Lizzy House, Heather Ross or Carolyn Friedlander, and some other modern quilting fabrics are hard to find... and if you find them, then it's only one or two fabrics from the collection. I'm really trying to practice self control, but easier said than done.

  3. I live in New Zealand and totally understand the costs of fabric. It is cheaper for us to buy online from the States, and generally to buy lots to make the postage worth while. That is one beautiful stash of rainbow goodness - enjoy using it.

  4. Allison - these fabrics are so pretty. I lived in Italy for a while and I know what you mean about buying fabrics. You do a great job of collecting just the perfects ones. Thanks for commenting on my blog - so that I came here and found your blog. I'll be back later (I have to go to work now) to look at more of your previous posts. Just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying it.

  5. hihi, now I know what you mean :)
    Nice stack!


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