Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Scrappy Windmill Quilt

Since properly sorting my scraps by color, I have had it in my head to start a scrappy quilt to make some kind of dent in my piles. I am pleased how well I have managed to stay on track with both of my current WIP's. I even have all my pretty little stacks of pre-cut fabrics for my two quilts in progress waiting to travel with me... just sit down and start sewing, right?

... and then I walk into my sewing room. 

Well, now what?!? If I pull out all of my prepared snippits, then what will I work on during vacation? I'm the kinda girl that would actually take her sewing machine to the beach if I thought there was an outlet somewhere... and the thought of a solar powered sewing machine - pure genius! If you've ever done any take-along-sewing, then you know that is not exactly easy... one must be EXTREMELY planned, and if you forget just one thread, bobbin, seam ripper, sewing foot, or small, but important, scrap of fabric, then you are shut down faster than a dirty ol' restaurant.

What IS a girl to do?...

I've had my eye on the Scrappy Windmills quilt from Judith Dahmen featured in Issue 10 of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine, released last June. (does that at least indicate the control I've shown over the last year NOT to start yet another WIP?)

When sewing, I get a big kick out of pretty little stacks... whether it's stacks of cut squares, stacks of sorted colors, stack of hexies, or stacks of paper pieced blocks. And with the paper still in, it really looks like a nice significant stack and real progress.

What are you stacking today?

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  1. That looks like a fun project, now I'm curious what your's will look like.

    Found you on WIP Wednesday.


    ~~ ~~

  2. What a fun pattern to use up scraps! Your piles are so yummy; no wonder you want to yank them out and play with them! I am going on vacation soon, so have sent the workhorse Pfaff to the shop for yearly maintenance. I do wish I could take it with me, but I have binding to sew down, blocks to press, and I'm sure I can find some cutting to do should I have quilting withdrawal!

  3. I love all those fun fabrics and colors! It is going to be wonderful.
    We are leaving on vacation soon too and I think I am going to pack up some English paper piecing. I don't want to go through sewing withdrawal. :)

  4. You are so very organized! Your stacks of blocks/sections look great. You have a wonderful quilt in the making.

  5. Lovely little stacks - I like your photography too! Very pretty inspiration quilt

  6. At my needlers group I was pressing and stacking 4-patches.

  7. Oh, these blocks are so pretty! Absolutely enticing and inspiring seeing them in little stacks like this. They will make a gorgeous quilt.

    I'm working on cutting fabrics for a new project. ;o)

  8. I haven't seen that pattern before, but yours is going to look fabulous! I can't wait to see it!!! Lovely stacks, too... I'm not stacking much of anything (yet), but after photographing some fabric stacks tomorrow morning, I'm hoping to start cutting, stitching and stacking for a fun rainbow-low volumes quilt for one of my sons (I'll let the big one choose). I really like the look of bright colors on white/low vol!

  9. I love the blocks you are making. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. I found you on WIP Wednesdays.

  10. Those are some sweet pieces of fabric goodness, Allison. I am drawn to photos of stacked block parts, too. Such lovely fabric choices!


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