Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Super Size Me!

Since I've been in an everything in XXS phase lately, I thought that it was high time that I come back to the land of normal size. Oh, don't get me wrong, I think that I could probably carry on for a good number of months, enough to write a book Kitty suggests, but I do love a good distraction! 

So, to get back to normalcy, I thought it would be fun to super size my mini mini sunburst pattern to make a little something for myself, and I've shown a good amount of the process on Instagram. It actually took me a good bit of thinking, planning, and test cutting to figure out the seam allowance and size of the inner connecting piece for the two opposite sunbursts. Since I was making this into a pillow, I wanted to hit the right size from the beginning since trimming down would cause me to loose some of my design.

As far as other design choices, you might be a little confused thinking... hey, wait, I thought she didn't like solids?!? If you know that much about me, then you are absolutely right! I don't like working with solids, but in the same breath I can sing my never ending praises of Basic Grey grunges, which can work like a solid, but have so much more depth, in my opinion, than a true solid. I really mean it when I say that I have them in almost everything that I make!

Another off the beaten path detail that you might notice are my color choices. I guess I have a pretty true and standard palette that I tend to grab for first, sometimes without realizing it until the project is together, but it would seem that I have favorite colors to sew with and favorite colors to decorate with. Since this pillow is for my living room, you get a taste of the Art Nouveau inspired color range that adorns one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Quilting? Now that was my bear! Seam ripper... oh, how I love you! Let me count the ways... and the number of stitches that came out of this one!?! I started out simply outlining and then shadow quilting the sunbursts, but that just didn't look right. Then I started spiral quilting with the intention to spiral quilt on both ends towards the center... and as you can see, that didn't work out either! So.... simple, no fuss, (as usual) and after having lived with it a few days, I'm pleased with it.

Background: Essex Linen, Espresso from Robert Kaufman
Points: Basic Grey grunges
Quilting Thread: Aurifil cotton 50 wt 2326 Sand
Rashida Coleman Hale, "Mochifloral" purple 

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  1. you have made a really wonderful cushion! The colors are unexpected(to me) and I love them on the Essex linen! It is fun to hear about the doing of it...it makes for a sweet finish! And the back is perfect!

  2. Do gorgeous! Love the colours, perfect with the Essex Linen!

  3. I always enjoy to read your description of making process. I liked the sunburst pattern in the mini minis and I love it in bigger version too.

  4. Niiiice finish! Essex linen is one of my favs, too! It looks like you have a total photo-worthy awesome living room. My house is so.... um.... lived in? LOL It's hard to find a corner that I can spruce up enough to look the least bit nice. I'm nearly finished with a pillow (cushion) myself, so you might get a peek, though! ps. How's the book coming along? ;)

  5. Love the colour and the quilting - looks spectacular! (Here from WIP Wednesday, if you're wondering!)

  6. Love how it turned out, despite the quilting issues. ;)


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