Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How Do You Know When It's Finished?

Size, size, size? It's always a matter of size isn't it? But how do you know when you've reached the right size with a quilt? I suppose it really is quite simple, isn't it... simply follow the pattern, right?

Well, I would have to say that I'm the kind of person why places like Burger King came up with the idea to "make it your way". Everything on my burger is ok except for ketschup, but I like to add mustard... so I have to customize it! Well, that same need to adjust, modify, change, and make it my way doesn't stop at burgers... 

My version of the Churnstile quilt has developed, though quite unintentional, like many of my other quilts... making the rules up as I go. My first debate was whether to set the blocks on point or straight... the pattern is on point, but my gut said straight. The confirmation that I was on the right track was the feedback that I got on Instagram. Second decision was where to set the cornerstones... again going with my gut. And of course the never ending debate with myself... size.

I started out with eight different color combinations for the blocks, and repeated several, but with its current size, not all blocks are repeated. Without a particular recipient in mind, I also don't have a particular size planned either. Do I stop now or let it keep growing with each block being repeated twice? Hmmm, I guess I'll be thinking about it while I am quilting this quilt.

When it comes to your own quilts, do you make it up as you go, or do you go by the book? If you do make up the rules as you go, do you struggle with issues like size and layout?

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  1. Size depends on mainly two factors for me -- who it is for (baby vs. adult vs. myself) and how much fabric I have if I am working from a pre-cut or bundle. If I am working from a pre-cut or bundle I typically make as many blocks as I can out of the fabric that I have. If I am working from yardage/scraps, I tend to think more about the recipient or which bed I want to put it on.

  2. Of course I wrote out a long comment on my phone while "catching up" this morning and then the whole thing froze. Bah humbug. Here's my attempt at a re-do, surely less eloquent and missing things:

    First of all, this looks fabulous! Re: size, I usually try to think about function when determining size. Is it big enough to snuggle under, even though we're tall? Will it fit on a bed? Is it intended to be dragged around by a kid and therefore any size will do (even smaller may be better)? Beyond that, this design looks like it feels finished, so if it works for your intended use, I'd say it feels good! As for pattern following--you know me! I tend to make it up as I go, or alter patterns to fit my whims (it sounds so irresponsible!). That's a big part of why I started creating my own patterns--I just wanted to make things mine! Size is always tricky, and figuring out layout/color/etc is the most difficult part! I really don't think you can go wrong either way with this, though--it's gorgeous!

  3. I can't help you figure out when to stop but I can say that this quilt is beautiful! And I just started following you on Instagram. :)

  4. I agree with SewCraftyJenn... This is certainly another beautiful quilt in the works, Allison. I love the blocks and the cornerstones. You should continue with whatever your gut is telling you because it has been right so far!

  5. The quilt is lovely. As to the size, let the quilt decide. You may have thought about a favourite size or to fit a requirement,but I believe that while you work on it and watch it, it gives you clues. I was stuck with a quilt, I couldn't decide on the borders and ended up putting it down for a long time, when I got it out again and looked at it I realised it didn't need borders, but it did need a few more blocks, perfect for that particular quilt in the fabrics used.Just let it unfold as it is meant to be.

  6. This is looking lovely! My daughter would say I never make my quilts big enough! But I guess the decision breaker for me is usually when I've run out of fabrics!

  7. GORGEOUS! I'm so excited to see this come together! I love it.

  8. So lovely .... no idea when to advise to stop I am a make it up as you go along girl all day long ... much to my dismay today because it really made my brain hurt!

  9. A beautiful quilt! I always make changes to patterns :-) Concerning the size I always try to make my quilts big enough for my son and my husband who both meassure 1,9m... I often use the cotton batting Freudenberg 277 which is 1,5 m wide - as I want to use it as it is and don't want to stitch two batting pieces together those 1,5m are usually my limit :-)


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