Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Making Connections

Once all the blocks of a quilting project are finished, one is all a flurry with excitement having reached the top of the first mountain. The next up hill climb is connecting it all together, where it can sometimes be slow moving.

After much debate about what size to take my Churnstile quilt, and some really good advice like "go with your gut", "consider the recipient", and probably the best advice from Kate to "let the quilt decide"... I actually decided to go for it and work on connecting the blocks! If it still feels like it needs more once it's all together, then I can keep going, right?

I've decided on using some of the same low volume fabrics that I used in the block backgrounds for the connecting sashings. I have fallen in love with using low volumes with a hint of color... Alison Glass has several in her Abacus series that I just adore, and Erin Michael's fabric Preakness from her Purebread collection, has reached favorite low volume status with me.

I've also been working on connecting the leaves on my Green Smoothie quilt. Once all the individual drunkard's path blocks are made, they have to be stitched together to make the beautiful leaf shape.

... and then a white strip to the top of each leaf before joining them all together.

What are you working on? Linking up the week to Let's Bee Social and Sew Cute Tuesday.


  1. These are continuing to look gorgeous!

  2. I'm happy you decided! The blocks are gorgeous! I'm so excited to see the green smoothie quilt...

  3. I love how your Churnstile quilt is shaping up. I don't have any low volumes in my stash but love seeing them in others work. I have had that feeling just today - I finished quilting a quilt and thought I could slow down but no 2 more to be finished for Monday!!

  4. So completely lovely! I can hardly wait to see more! I love it!

  5. As usual I'm in love with your Projects. You have such a gift for colour! I feel drawn to the same low volume fabric you described, I need to stock up on some.

    Also love the sneak into your stash, hehe =)

  6. I totally agree, such a nice "Stash in the Background" picture :)

    I like both your projects but I am really excited to see the churnstile quilt come together.

  7. Sometimes quilts have a lot to say! ;) I really like your Churnstile quilt!


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