Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Design Wall

Before I share about all the moving and shifting that's been happening on my design wall these days, just in case you happened to miss it... today is the last day to say 20% in my Payhip shop to celebrate the release of my Tiptoe Through The Tulips quilt pattern (sale code: Tiptoe)

... so, you may recall seeing one of my most recent design debates when I started my half square triangle project with no real plan in mind... honestly, I was just trying to use up some too-good-to-throw-away cut-offs. 

but, as usual, I decided to add to it, it grew, and well, you know the rest. As I suspected of myself, I didn't go with any of the layouts that I had first played around with, but an offset flower/bloom design, filling in with the various low volumes.

... AND, of course my Penny Sampler is still on my wall, andI have to say that what I really appreciate about the pattern is that there are several techniques used throughout. I find that I get a little bored if it's just making what feels like 1000 of the same block over and over. I suppose that I really went through a freezer paper applique phase a while back... even using it on things that could be made without it. Despite putting to the side for a bit, I still totally love it, and it's been fun for me to pick it back up.

When I was making the Little Bird block, I was thinking about the best background choice for this. I decided that an all-time Tim Holz favorite of mine would be quite fitting with the music notes... this little bird is my songbird.

I love blocks that have fun names to them, and I really like how this Anna Maria Horner fabric adorns this little feathered friend, Dilly Bird.

 ... speaking for Ms. Horner, her fabrics were just made for fussy cutting... don't you think?

After spending so much time keeping projects under wraps, it's really fun to share a little of what I am working on at the moment. With my big deadline out the of the way, I'll enjoy a little "breather" sewing before the next big push.

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  1. Hi there, i m pretty new to your site, i love your colourful style. I saw the sampler quilt first time today and i am considering of making one myself ( i am thnking of sweet tea and green beans by Jen Kingwell), this is probably why your aplique caught my eye. Did you apllique the birds with your sewing machine, small black stitches i saw. And wha does that mean for long life durability? I want to use the sampler quilt in the end and do you think it will ben stron enough?
    Hope you can find the time to answer me.
    Herzliche Grusse Patricia aus Holland

    1. Hi Patricia, thank you so much for your nice comment... oh, that looks like a fun quilt to work on. Yes, I did machine applique this on with a straight stitch. I used the freezer paper applique technique, but I recently discovered the startch applique method, which is a dream for simple shapes. I would tend to think that machine applique would be more durable compared to hand applique. I hope this helps and warmest from Germany.

  2. I like the size of your design wall =) and I enjoy seeing you making progress with the Penny Sampler

  3. Did you realize that your half square triangle quilt is a reflection of your blog header? Same colors, same feel. I think your heart was in this one!

  4. I love both quilts!! I may have to copy your hst quilt. The Penny Sampler is coming along wonderfully I foresee it being a favorite. (but now I am thinking I may have already said that...) and Yes! AMH were made for fussy cutting (but I *hate* wasting such lovely fabric. sigh) I used my last tiny piece of that Tim Holtz music notes fabric in my nieces quilt. I suppose I should hunt down more....
    happy sewing (and sharing :-) ~ Tracy

  5. I love both of the background fabrics on your bird blocks! I've had both in my stash and they are used up. Time for more...

  6. I love your HST quilt top. Curious how you are going to quilt it. And the bird are cute, great idea to use the notes for the background.


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