Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tiptoe Through The Tulips Pillow

I love the drastic transformation a quilt can make with just a simple fabric change. Dark backgrounds can give such a dramatic look, and my favorite go-to background that I seem to grab over and over again is my Essex Linen. These rich chocolate tones really make those brights pop, don't you think?

Don't you just love those kill-two-birds-with-one-stone projects? I wanted to work up a second colorway option for my Tiptoe Through The Tulips quilt pattern, which is to be released on March 15th, and still have something that I could use in my living room. I think this red chair is the most photographed piece of furniture in my house.

I'm not just finishing projects for my house, but hitting my goals list pretty hard for this year.  Part of my general/ongoing goals has been to stretch myself with more free motion quilting practice.  I thought that these wandering leaves were fitting to my pattern, and something different from the swirls I used for my last FMQ project.

Next up on my list will be the binding on my biggest quilt ever for my fourth finish so far! A king size quilt is a pretty big milestone for me.

Be sure to check out what my busy pattern testers have been working on so far under the #tiptoethroughthetulipsquilt hastag on Instagram... and again, be looking for the pattern release on March 15th!

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  1. Oh, what a nice "tulip pillow" you have made!
    And I like the colors.


  2. This is a great alternative to the big quilt version, which might seem daunting to some. The linen is exquisite with the bright colors!

  3. Love that pillow, and the of course you know I love a dark background.

  4. The difference because of the background color is really amazing. And why not photograph that chair as much, it always is a nice backdrop :)

    Lovely FMQ!

  5. I never think to use chocolate brown as a background, but it looks fantastic with those bright citrus colors! Great design, and the leafy quilting is a really nice touch.

  6. A perfectly pretty pillow staged some wonderfully with the red chair and real tulips too! It's a lovely pattern!

  7. love your pillow and those flowers! love them

  8. What a great spring pillow! Love how the colors pop on the brown background. Beautiful work!

  9. Your color section for your tulip pillow is very, very striking and you are so right that that chocolate really sets it off. Your FMQ pattern is impressively accomplished and a creative choice. It never would have occurred to me to combine that with the flowers but they really do enhance each other. If you like orange and tulips you may want to take a quick peek at this post of mine.

  10. The dark background really lets the tulips shine. This is my favorite color choice for this kind of pattern. Really nice!

    Best Mareike

  11. Gorgeous pillow and photo shoot too. Congratulations on your finished goal. On behalf of the 2017 FAL hosts, thanks for linking up and sharing your work! Great Job.


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