Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Ton of Bricks

A friend of mine shared recently with me about a quilting blog that she follows... beautiful and inspiring projects, but the quilter has 97 works-in-progress! To put it mildly, I was blown away. Now, I know I'm not really one to talk about starting new projects, but seriously? NINETY-SEVEN!?!... how does that even happen?!?

Even though it is not evidenced by this post, I've really been making a concentrated effort to be more disciplined with the number of projects that I juggle at one time. I'm a project jumper, which means I flip a lot and need to work on a project until I hit a mental road block, then switch back to an older one. Although I don't suggest this method, for everyone, it actually does work for me... and believe it or not, I still get things finished too without collecting too many WIP's.

Having said all that, let me just explain. A few weeks ago, my husband took me out for a fabulous birthday brunch... just the two of us. You know that feeling that you get when you treat yourself with something special like a fine meal at a fine restaurant? When it's not your everyday, you tend to soak things in, your senses are heightened, and everything tastes divine and just melts in your mouth. When it's accompanied with a beautiful ambiente in a quaint setting to capture and saturate ones thoughts, that feeling is multiplied. As I was looking across at my husband, I have to admit that my gaze keep resting on a vintage embroidery piece that was hanging behind him. As soon as the other guests left, I snapped a few shots to take the memory home with me. Well, as a quilter, you know how it is when something sparks an idea for a quilt... need I really say more?

Perhaps you've had that inner burning when an idea is hitting you like a ton of bricks and rolls along like a frieght train that can't be stopped? That feeling of nearly exploding if you don't translate that idea into something tangible...

... thus, quilt pattern number four. My inspiration piece even comes with it's own story... and I can't wait to share the rest of the story.

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  1. Seeing the speed at which you complete projects I am not worried about you starting another one =)

  2. Love this cool, fresh colorway! This is going to be lovely.

  3. das was man da sehen kann ist schon mal großartig

  4. Cool sneak peeks! And I agree with Puppilalla. You sew so much and finish so many projects - you are allowed to start some new ones when inspiration strikes. I am sure you will not reach 97 :)

  5. I feel bad if I have 7-9 WIPs; 97 would be overwhelming! But it's good to be open to something new and inspiring, too. Just not 96 times...

    Looking forward to seeing more of this quilt!

  6. Your sneak peeks intrigue me. Can't wait to see what you're up to and read the back story too.

  7. Liebe Allison,
    ein sehr schönes Projekt und meisterlich genäht. Ich glaube ich bin auch so ein Jumper, ich muss auch ganz oft etwas ruhen lassen, um es dann beenden zu können.
    Liebe Grüße


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