Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gearing Up To Buzz

Even though it's not quite my turn to be the queen bee, I have to admit that I have been racking my brain for months not really knowing what quilt block to do for it. A friend of mine suggested to fish through my quilt bucket list and pick something, but all those gotta-try-before-I-die quilts are with some really complicated techniques, which I felt certain my other bee members would not appreciate.

I really wanted to do a block with curves this time since we've not had any drunkard's path blocks yet. Somehow I kept coming back to this inspiration WIP, and decided that the block was simple enough to make, but would give me the interest of curves that I was looking for. My plan is to have it somewhat of a scrappy quilt, and I thought these fun sherbert colors would be nice to work with in summer. Can't you just see yourself sitting at the ice cream shop now?

Despite the curved piecing, these blocks come together rather quickly, and I've been sharing quite a few of my block on Instagram these days...

Layout and design are just as important as the color scheme when making a quilt, and while the inspiration quilt is a horizontal layout, I've been thinking that an on point layout would be fun too:

I know, I know... no worries, I'm actually stopping now before my bee members don't have any blocks to do. Unfortunately I'll have to pack these away until summer, but I decided it would be best to nail something down now before summer starts and life gets busy.

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  1. These are so pretty! What a great block! You picked the perfect colors...they are good enough to eat!! What size are these blocks? Darn you! I feel like I should put this on my bucket list!

  2. These are SO pretty! The colors are great and your curves look perfect!

  3. Yummy colors! I like how the sashing thru the middle of the block breaks up the drunkard's path pieces. It's more forgiving that way, for those who aren't so precise with the curved piecing.

    And I vote for on-point :)

  4. Hi Allison,

    You should go with the on point layout. This gives the quilt a more dynamic optic. And maybe a sashing with little squares between the blocks as conjunction. Just an idea. I am looking forward to see, what you bees will add. With a good template, the curves shouldn't be a problem.

    Best Mareike

  5. They'll be perfectly fun for the bee mates to make! Love your fabric selection.

  6. I understand so well what you are going through... I'm queen bee in August and I started thinking about the blocks in January. Every month I come up with a new idea. I already admired your wonderful blocks on IG and voted for "on point" - now I'm curious what it will be in the end :-)

  7. Looking forward to sewing your blocks :)

    I am voting on point, too. And I like the idea of sashing - it was in my mind but sounded silly to me - now that I ready Mareike's comment it sounds “ok” so it might be nice to play around some more with the idea when you have all the blocks.


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