Wednesday, May 17, 2017

On Solid Ground

Let me reassure you... there is no need to wipe your computer screen... no need to grab an extra cup of coffee... no need to pinch yourself to see if your are dreaming. You are NOT seeing things...

I suppose that might be just a wee bit over dramatic, but if you have been around for a while, then you might know that I DON'T work with solids... at all. However, on that same note, if you've been around long enough to know of my avoidance of solids at all cost, then you probably also know that I can only sing the highest praises of Basic Grey grunges... this not-quite-a-solid IS my solid. 

The motivation to steer clear of my beloved prints is because these are a present for my parents (when I talk of these, it includes the remaining three that I have planned to make) Even though I would describe my own personal decorating tastes as transitional, my folks definitley lean towards a more modern style. I have to admit that in this case, these bold splashes of color give a more powerful impact than my prints would, and give it the modern feel that I am looking for.

Because improv is also not where my strengths or passions lie, I very much appreciated these free paper piecing templates from The Long Thread. It was fun for me to experiment with multi-directional quilting, finding and following the design of the piece itself for the hints of how it should be quilted. 

Are you a solid teetotaller or do you cherish your beloved prints and leave your solids on the shelf?

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  1. What a wonderful improv cushion, I like it very much, thank you for the link. I used to stay away from solids too and although I still buy mostly tone on tone and low volume fabric I find myself turning to them more and more. I LOVE grunge, I'm with you there.

  2. This is a gorgeous pillow! I love modern design and this is one I'd like to take on to make something equally as pretty! I'm not a huge fan of solids, but I recently made the Postcard From Sweden quilt top made from ALL solids and really love it. Now I have a ton of solid scraps that will need a few projects. Thanks for the photos and link!

  3. Bravo!!!! and look at you getting fancy with your quilting :-) I neither stay away from, nor gravitate towards, solids. I made an entire (huge!) lap quilt with solids for my oldest son a few years ago, and I have plans (and the fabric) for another solids only quilt at some point. I do love the grunges, too, thanks to you! (and my girls do too) but I hate that they are so pricey and seem to rarely go on sale. I have a ton of charm squares from when I tested your pattern, and I must say, I treat them like fabric gold :-)

  4. This cushion is beautiful! Congratulations on the leap into abstracts and the (almost) solids.

  5. You did an awesome job on that pillow! Can't wait to see the whole set! I've been dabbling in solids since last summer, but improv eludes me. Any attempt usually ends up as a dust rag on the way to the trash bin! (I do dust, see?). Thanks for the pp links!

  6. I am a solidaphobic. But I think your pillows are awesome. Solids look crisp. Solids make a pattern pop. But they are such a commitment to color choice. That improv pattern is a great test for practicing solid choices. Ya done good -

  7. Love this pillow!! The combination of colors and angles really sing and your quilting really enhances that.

    I am blendadextrous, using solids and prints willy nilly, with a healthy helping of solid-reading blenders to keep from getting too off-kilter. I agree with The Momma's comment that grunge is great, but pricey!

  8. A very beautiful pillow, Allison! I love the grunge even though I prefer solids, I love the contrast and design you brought into it!

  9. Oh, I love the pillow. It so striking! Looking forward to seeing the whole set.

    Now you have put something else on my bucket list... grumpf...


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