Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Applique Borders

Last week I sent out a "call for help", asking for your two cents on how much time pattern testers might need for an entire medallion quilt instead of a single block or small finished project. Firstly, thank you for all the ideas and suggestions... I've pulled from several of them, and think that this is the planned scenario that I've come up with: Firstly, share the flimsy and do a pre-call for testers, giving the fabric requirements to see if the pattern can be made from stash, or if extra fabrics would need to be purchased. Secondly release my third pattern while the testers are working on the pattern testing this one. Well... that's the plan, anyway.

Currently I am working the last border, which is a little heavy on applique, and should still take a good bit of time to complete. When working on a pattern, I usually sew up the top and then back track, which means that I'm still a good ways out on this one. Realistically, I'm looking at releaseing to testers in late summer/early fall with a spring release for this one.

At our Patchwork Treffen HH this past weekend, amaziningly I didn't do one single stitch on the sewing machine the whole time I was there... I left thinking, why did I even bring it? But some days I simply enjoy playing around with fabric, even if I'm not stitching it. I was able to whip up all these leaves for the border.

Are you interested in pattern testing and have time starting late summer/early fall? Applique experience is needed. Let me know and I'll put you on the list.

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  1. It's going to be so beautiful! Of course I'm interested, and the timing sounds good!

  2. I would be! I love applique and love the sneak peak I see here. I'll be ready for a new project at that time.

  3. Oh, I wish I liked to applique! I can tell it's going to be a stunner!

  4. I would love to test another pattern for You! Could You please tell me how long would I have? Pattern at the end of the summer but when the entire quilt finished?

  5. Ooo, ich würde ja gerne, aber ob ich noch die nötige Zeit dazu finde. Ich bräuchte nähere Informationen!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. You are one busy lady!! This looks amazing, of course!! Look forward to the reveal!!

  7. I have recently seen the quilt in progress during a joint sewing day and I can confirm that it is going to be a stunner! The pattern testers will have fun with this. Allison, I tried your spray starch - brush - iron - applique shape prep technique today. It is a life changer =) Thanks again for showing it to me.

  8. I love how the applique border is coming together and that you found a way to incorporate the lovely feather.


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