Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"Lovebirds' Garden - Just The Shapes"

One more day... just one more day, and then I will be sharing what I've been working on over the past year!?! As I printed out ALL 31 pages of my Lovebirds' Garden pattern (which releases tomorrow!)... I have to admit that it was a really satisfying feeling. Almost as big of a rush when you put that last stitch in your binding, and you turn it over to see your finished quilt for the first time.

Additionally, I am really excited that tomorrow I will also be releasing, "Lovebirds' Garden - Just The Shapes", the first of five "mini patterns" that I will be offering. These mini patterns are simply the set of applique shapes, because some quilters love the freedom of coming up with thier own project/layout. I realize that many quilters enjoy the satisfaction of smaller projects in between those really big quilts, and not only that, perhaps first time appliquers might be more willing to try a small project before moving onto a larger and more intensive one.

You may rememer the pillow that I had mad using just the shapes from my Lovebirds' Garden motifs, and it's been fun to play around with a few layout ideas. I could imagine this next one as a sweet wall hanging...

Of course, the shapes can be used to make more traditional applique blocks, like this crossing design. By adding sashing and borders, another min quilt is born...

Somehow I really like the idea of taking a simple block like a log cabin block, and hightlighting it with applique shapes...

Or even taking those log cabins to the next level, and turning it into a star mini quilt with applique accents....

What ever your cup of tea, these "Just The Shapes" projects leave a lots of room for the imagination.

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for the offical release and other information about the Lovebirds' Garden and Just The Shapes!


  1. Your imagination is bountiful. Thank you for sharing your ideas so freely. Lots of great inspiration here!

  2. I am curious what people will come up with. Your ideas were already so diverse and I am sure there are still a million other options. And so much grey in your mock ups... I am missing your green or was it just for me? :)))


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