Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Felt Applique + Kraft Paper

Even though I'm usually quite the chatty gal when it comes to writing, today is about short and sweet... I really should be quilting right now to meet my Nadelwelt deadline, but not without stopping in and saying hello first.

... and like I shared last week, felt is the flavor of the month (at least for me it is), but this week it's about mixing mediums. I love combining fabric and paper, and kraft paper is usually my paper of choice - it's natural, it's simple, and it's not fussy. I love adding little decorative stitches to paper too, and this little awl has been a must in my sewing bag for quite some time now.

How about a closer look? Once I finished the applique and hand stitching, I sewed it onto the front of a simple journal... so fun, don't you think?

... and of course I just had to add a few Alison Glass sun print fabrics to give it that strong pop of color... I suppose once a color girl, always a color girl, right?

I've had several questions about how I made and finished this, and I had thought about putting together a little video series after the dust settles... how would you like to join me?


  1. What a lovely, fun project! Just delightful.

  2. I would love to see a video tutorial of this project!

  3. Hi Allison,

    I love your mixed media felt applique. I once had the pleasure to get a hand stitched mixed media tag from you and still have it. And at least you have one more thing to show at Nadelwelt.

    LG Mareike

  4. Looks great. What a fun idea to work on kraftpaper! And indeed another lovely item for Nadelwelt.


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