Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Prints, Solids, Or Even Better... GRUNGE + Giveaway

I realize that when I like something I have a tendency to gush. My husband laughs at me about how overdone-theatircal-romance-movie-like I can be when I am really on a kick. So, whether you like the name, or feel like "Grunge" is not exactly the most fitting name for such fabric yumminess, I thought I would share a few of my current and previous projects, and talk about why I find myself grabbing for Basic Grey Grunge fabrics more and more these days.

If you are thinking that these colors look a little familiar, you are right... you may remember these pillows that I made last year for my parents? It's my mom's birthday again in July, and what better way to surprise her than with a matching quilt using Zen Chic's Contrasting pattern. I now know why modern quilters enjoy such quilts... they really come together super fast!?! (hmm... I say this on the heels of two applique quilts)

Firstly, let me start by saying that no matter how big a fan I am of Grunge, I will never give up my prints... I delight too much in sweet little flowers, interesting shapes, and awe inspiring designs. But sometimes prints can get a little busy, and I like the fact that a Grunge fabric can anchor like a solid, but yet add texture that a solid just can't.

If you've been around here you know that I don't use solids, mostly because they feel flat to me... there is no movement,  no texture, nothing to make my eyes stop and study something. Grunge fabrics work like a solid without feeling flat.

Being a color girl, it is an absolute must that the colors in my quilt really shine... I love that there are so many vibrant and saturated colors in the Grunge line. Color should never take the backseat in my book, but sit proudly up front.

When I am working with fabrics, I am always letting the fabrics give me little clues how they would like to be combined... usually pulling from the secondary colors in the fabric. One big appeal of Grunge is to pull from those second and third color accents and work them into a project.

My dad is an artist, and I always loved hearing him explain about how to paint. Each little brush stoke is intentional and thought out, and determines the end result. It feels to me that Grunge fabrics add such interest because they really give you a painterly feel... where does the quilt start and the painting stop?

Over the years the Grunge color range has grown. There seems to be a perfect color for just about every project... and you can see how my pretty stack has grown too.

... and speaking of Grunge, just in case you happened to miss it, I am running a giveaway on Instagram, featuring a Basic Grey Grunge fat quarter set curated by Fat Quarter Shop. (not to mention my latest Home Sweet Home Applique Samapler, Aurifil Thread box, AND Roxanne applique glue)

To enter the giveaway be sure to comment on my Instagram feed (not here, sorry) and remember that my entire Payhip shop is on sale through May 27th, 2018!


  1. Your Contrasting quilt by Zen Chic is gorgeous. I purchased the pattern, being a huge Zen Chic and Grunge fan!

  2. All of your projects are beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration, Allison❤️ (and the giveaway, I will zip over the IG now)


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