Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Home Sweet Home Finish + Nadelwelt Update

So much of the first part of my year has been the push get ready for Nadelwelt, which included finishing my fourth pattern, Home Sweet Home Applique Sampler. I was able to pre-release the pattern for the show, and it officially releases next week! Right now the dust has not yet settled, and I've not even really had time to fully process the whole event, but I can assure that I had a blast!

The first day of the show I taught a class on the starch applique method. I really have it in my head to possibly put out a couple videos on this fantastic technique, but everything in it's time, right? I ended up taking my two latest quilts, as well as a good number of smaller applique project samples.

 ... you may have already noticed that my patterns are now available in print! I'm also excited to that a few shops in Germany will be carrying my in-print patterns. I'll be sharing details very soon!

Even though the class was listed that I would teaching in English, because there were only German speakers in the class, I actually found it helpful to flip to German... talk about a challenge - try explaining a technique, using technical terms in a foreign language... but I'm glad to say that I came out on the other side without any major injuries.

I got the feeling that my class participants really enjoyed a different approach to applique, and I was asked by a couple of shops to offer courses with them too... keep your eyes peeled for more on that as it develops.

So, start your one week countdown clock... I've got some pretty exciting news to share next week with the official release of my Home Sweet Home quilt pattern... and it has something to do with fabric!

 Really happy to check this first finish of the quarter off my Finish-A-Long list!


  1. I am glad you liked Nadelwelt and had a blast at the class. Wishing you the best of luck to get back into a more normal sewing and workload routine!

  2. This quilt is so awesome! It must have been a fun, fun class!

  3. Your applique is gorgeous! I'm just starting to learn how to do it. Congrats on your finish, and, on behalf of the FAL crew, thanks for joining in!


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