Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Very Berry Applique

After you work so intensively on a project, and the project goal comes and goes, it can be a little difficult to find your way back into a normal rhythm. After returning from Nadelwelt with all my lists checked off, it's been a challenge to figure out what to work on next. I have several deadlines coming up, so what is the best way to get back into your normal flow... work on something completely different, right?

It's no secret that I love applique, but I especially love reverse applique. There is so much potential for this not as frequently used technique. These leaves are actually for three different projects, and since I love the result so much, I had to make a set of blue leaves too... who says that leaves have to be green?

It's that time of year where blueberries are strawberries frequently make it to our dinner table, and evidently they've also made their way to my sewing room too!

I've always loved the looks of wild or mock strawberries... such tiny and petite berries that look good enough to eat. There has been a little discussion recently on Instagram whether or not they are edible. 

In any case, edible or not, this project is still growing and developing. (no pun intended) Just a short and sweet sneak peek for today because it's time to get back on track.


  1. Lovely - and so fresh looking. I've done reverse applique before. I have no idea why I don't use it more.

  2. Your blue and green leaves are very very pretty. I love this project Allison. And on the blue grunge fabric, very sweet. Grunge is such a versatile fabric. Gosh we are so spoiled and lucky to have such incredible fabrics to continually inspire us.
    I might have eaten some of those tiny strawberries when I was a kid. Aren't they some kind of "weed"? I can't remember

  3. Beautiful design! Now you have me hungry for strawberries :) Good luck with getting back on track xo


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