Tuesday, September 15, 2020

NEW YouTube Video - Sewing Drunkard's Path Blocks

I find that there a few quilting techniques that newbie, and sometimes even experienced quilters shy away from... and one of those is sewing curves. Sure it's a little nerve wracking to cut into your much beloved fabric and try a technique that looks really hard... but what is the point of doing something unless you are always pushing yourself towards the next thing?

There are a couple different approaches to sewing curves. One way is to pin them, and then sew, but I much prefer the no-pin, or ease method and trim later. In my latest YouTube videos, I demonstrate both of these techniques, so if you've never sewn curves before, what are you waiting for?

I recently shared a few Purdy Bird color inspiration mock-ups, and if you know me very well, you might have already guessed that the next one I make would be using Anna Maria Horner fabrics. Right now, I have several kill-two-birds-with-one-stone projects going on, and I am essentially preparing another Purdy Bird quilt top to demo for a class that I am teaching in October. 

Even though doing a computer mock up gives me the general direction that I would like to go, I always find that things change a good bit when working with the actual fabrics, which has me cutting into a few of my favorite and most treasured fabrics.

If you are following with the Quilt-A-Long, we are in Week 2, and whether you are joing the QAL or just wanting to learn a new technique, jump on in and sew a few curve blocks with me!

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