Thursday, October 1, 2020

Cool or Warm color palette?

My grandmother loved blue. She had piercing blue eyes and found beauty in surrounding herself with that cool and calm shade... every room, and even a large percentage of her wardrobe. Because my mother grew up with so much blue around her, she attributes that as one of the reasons why there was an extreme absence of blue in the house. Like my mother, blue is also noticeably missing in my home, but in spite of all of that... somehow blue seems to follows me.

If you were to look at my most recent projects, you might get the impression that an ocean-inspired palette is what make my heart sing. Hmmm... there's Purdy Bird, then my second Fly High Dragonfly, my reverse applique quilt, and now my most recent project, a second Circle Around pillow.

When I am working on a project, I usually have a pretty specific color palette in my head. Even though finding blue in my house would be a little like a "where's Waldo" search, I very much enjoy working with a cool palette in my quilting projects.

And, as I've discovered about myself... I can sometimes get stuck on a color combo, camp out on it for a while before moving on. There are actually several examples to mention: my purple phase, my jewel-tone phase, a green phase (which is totally to be expected since it is my favorite color), a warm color phase...

Sometimes a specific purpose for the project influences my color decisions... why am I making the project? Is is for me to use? Is it a sample for a teaching class? Am I making it for a pattern? Will it be gifted to someone special? 

 .. and this particular project, I did have someone special in mind - a confirmation present for our goddaughter, who just happens to loves shades of blues and turquoises. I have to admit, that I love the way this warm and cool color palette work together, that I might just have to make this again.

What about you... are you are you drawn to a cool and calm color palette? or does a warm and fiery color palette hold your affections?

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  1. Hi Allison
    In the 90s I was a totally blue lover. This changed over the years. Right now I do not have anything blue in my house but I start to wear blue clothes again. In the last decade I have loved reds and neutrals with black. I am kind of watching my color feelings...I know that the colors come and go...
    I love both your pillows: the red and the blue but right now I would make the red one.
    Greetings from Bonn,


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