Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Circle Around Reverse Applique Pillow

Recently I shared one of my favorite, lesser-known, and all-too-often-forgotten-about quilting techniques. If you were to ask me, I would tell you without a doubt, that reverse applique should get more recognition than it does. Don't stop reading there, or snub your nose, just because it has the word "applique" in it... I promise, it's not a dirty word like some might like to label it with quick judgments.

But I've actually noticed something a lot recently - I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I have seen a quilt, and thought to myself - "wow, one could have cut corners, shaved off hours of drunkard's path, curved-piecing sewing, and still ended up at the finish line in half the time... just by using reverse applique instead!" Just stop and ponder it for a bit.

As part of my color theory class at Nadelwelt, I ended up making several quilt blocks to use as samples. I was inspired by a simple Baumhaus-influenced art print that I found, and decided that it would be perfect as an applique block. What starts out as one block, grows to two, well, and you know the rest...

I thought that straight line quilting was quite fitting to the simple geometric shapes. I finished the back with a really nice linen in fuchsia that I had picked up several years ago at a bargain price. I love mixing linens in my quilting projects.

So, have you done any reverse applique projects? What has been your experience? ... do you love it or are you scared of it because it's "applique"? Then let me challenge you... see if you can spot a couple projects that reverse applique would be a faster substitution than pieced curves... you might actually end up thanking me later!


  1. Fun colors. Great craftsmanship. It looks beautiful in the sun.

  2. I have never done reverse applique, and it's very intriguing! I think I shall put it on my To Do List. Thanks for the heads up! Your pillow turned out so well!

  3. yes indeed. Applique is easy and fun.... unless you are super picky and could never be satisfied with top stitching. I actually love sewing down, regular or reverse. It always looks good.
    An example of my experience would be a houses quilt I did years ago. It was just a bunch of squares and triangles- super easy, this one: Then!!!! I did a lot of applique of trees, doors, curtains in windows, oh lots of cute stuff, I made a church and made a teensy dresdens over the windows.
    okay, now, your pillow is super pretty. I love it. I want to make one of these for my friend

  4. I am curious to try reverse applique - and yes as you know me, I migh be more curious than willing to really try :) - but I would like to figure out whether it is easier to do an applique or reverse appliue circle... So maybe one day in the far future lol :) xo

  5. Gorgeous! You got me thinking about some cut out circles from one of my quilting projects, all Grunge fabrics! Love the reverse technique!


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