Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Waste-Not, Want-Not Pillow

One of the things that I think could possibly trip people up when it comes to a reverse applique project, is that you have to essentially cut a hole right in the middle of your project... did you ever have your mom reprimand you sternly for doing the same with your construction paper art projects?

Well, I say, that if you already had those natural tendencies when you were young, then perhaps you were onto something back then, so shake off any guilty feelings and charge boldly forward... no holding back!

Just because reverse applique requires you to cut a hole out of the middle of your project doesn't mean that you have to waste it... not with my Waste-Not, Want-Not pillow! Last week I shared my Circle Around pillow, which is a reverse applique pillow, and with all those pretty cut-outs, you didn't think that I could throw them away?

So, I simply made a freezer paper circle template that was slightly smaller than my cut-out, a little starch, a little ironing, and viola... pretty finished circles to applique on a quilted background. This time I did the quilting before I finished the applique, even though I usually quilt after my shapes are appliqued on.The circles are finished with a blind stitch, using an invisible thread from Aurifil.

Ahh... things are really warming up for summer aren't they? Have you relaxing and putting your feet up too?


  1. Lovely pillow, great colours! It sure is warming up for what’s supposed to be the hottest day of the week! Stay cool!

  2. I keep coming back to look at these pillows, they're wonderful! You just might be the one to inspire a pillow making session here!


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