Sunday, July 21, 2019

Link-Up #summerstacksundays Warm Colors

So how has the weather been with you this summer... are you ready to warm things up a bit? We are now into week three of the #summerstacksundays link-up party, and what better way to celebrate summer than with a warm color palette.

Working with really bright and intense tones, is perhaps what makes my heart beat when it comes to working with color. In spite of this, I can sometimes have a very specific color palette in my mind when approaching a new project. I love the challenge of toning things down, pulling in the reigns, and grabbing for an outside of my color norm, go-to stack.

Just because you go for a warm or analogous color palette, doesn't mean that you have to go for colors in thier hightest intensity.The nice thing about an analogous color palette is that it is fairly easy because you are just picking the colors beside each other the color wheel. Here I have played with much lighter tints on the color wheel, by keeping the colors farily subtle.

Just a little something to think about: one common mistake that I see too often when pulling fabrics is that there is more attention paid to making sure that the colors are a perfect match, but less attention paid to that the style of the fabric should match as well. With this stack of fabrics, the motif's are a little more playful... I avoided damask, flowers, and overly ornate designs.

So, what are you stacking this week? If you are following the weekly themes, then how about if we cool things down next week, with a "cool colors" fabric stack - think greens, blues, and purples.

Be sure mention that you are linking up with Campbell Soup Diary for the #summerstacks Link-Up party. Anyone can link up their fabric stack, even if you are coming late to the party, and I will keep the link open for a week. You can also link up from Instagram. The link-up runs from July 5th - August 30th.

Please take the time to visit/comment/like the posts from others who are linking up and be sure to look through the comments. If you happen to be struggling with your fabric stack, then just say so in the comments, so the rest of us can stop by and maybe help you out... sometimes a fresh eye can see something that might have been missed.

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