I am originally from the “Country Roads” state of West Virginia, but in 2006 I followed my heart to Germany. My “three guys” consist of the one guy that I followed here, and the two that came after him, who just happen to both look like me. Since living in Germany, it has been a gradual immersion process for me, both mentally and emotionally. Expat living is multi-faceted in that it is new and exciting just as much as it is challenging and frustrating. I am fluent in German, but am continually striving towards improving my skills in each aspect of the language. For my two “little guys”, we are now in the process of taking those challenges out of manoeuvring in two languages... it will be our “gift” to them in the long run.

My creativity and know-how were perhaps inherited from my father, who is a professional painter and my mother, who was a trained Home Economics teacher. Like most other creative people, my passion to create started at a young age, and has never been satisfied with just one crafty hobby. Fabrics and sewing have, however, continued to be my beckoning medium.

In 2007 I started Still Water Designs, an online fabric website in Germany specializing in modern and current American patchwork fabrics. In 2012 I launched Sweetpea Designs, my own ribbon label. After coming to the difficult decision to give up my online fabric shop a few years ago, I’ve never looked back. It was then that I fully transitioned into full time quilting, and eventually released my first quilt pattern in 2016, Jeweled Kaleidescope. Often my quilt patterns combine traditional piecing methods combined with appliqué, and starch appliqué is where my passion lies.

My patterns have been featured in Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine, Sew Mama Sew, Anna Magazin & Lena’s Patchwork (German sewing & crafting magazines) Additionally, I teach quilting and applique courses at Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe, Germany, as well as quilting shops in Germany. For inquiries, please contact me at allison@campbellsoupdiary.com

Why the name "Campbell Soup Diary"?... find out the answer here.


  1. My maiden name is Campbell & I collect anything with the name Campbell on it. However, I love the Campbell Kids & am always searching for Campbell Kids items. I have been trying to locate some Campbell Kids material, but have had no luck. Do you by chance happen to know where I might possibly find any? Thank you!

  2. Hallo Allison,
    bei uns war es gerade anders herum. My Dear Husband came to Germany in 1986 and we are merried now for 29 years. Our kids also grew up with two languages, but we now speak mostly Dinglish at home *g*
    I follow your blog already a while and enjoy it every time.
    Happy stitching and hugs from me, Doris :o)


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