Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Musings Part II

My second musings for the season are more about the of the way of life in Germany, rather than my previous ramblings of contrasting the numerous traditional differences. This year on Christmas day we slept in and and began our day with a huge spread of food on the table for brunch. My mother in law had lovingly thought ahead and had purchased bacon and sausage to supply a few "home comforts" for me. After breakfast the whole family spent a few lazy hours on the sofa until we just couldn't take it anymore. Then the much anticipated phrase came rolling out of someone's mouth..".wir brauchen ein bisschen frische luft" (we need a little fresh air) So we all piled on as many clothes as we could find and bundled ourselves with hats, scarves, boots, gloves and anything else that would keep us warm in the cold, but fresh winter air.

The sky was so clear, the air so crisp...what a perfect day for a walk!

It may sound strange, but I can't really say that this is something that we do regularly in the States. I mean, we do walk, but it is not so much a way of life as it is here. Of course one deterrent to this could be that we don't have pedestrian walk ways on every street like here.

But is is always fun on holidays when we get that stuffed and overeaten feeling to get up off the sofa and move. It really is a special family time of visiting and exploring all the wonders of being outside.

It was fun dragging our cameras around and my husband and his sister had a great time taking photos. We flipped to black and white mode which I think tells quite a different story in itself, but is still able to capture just a small glimpse of the German way of life.

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