Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dinner Conversations

I guess this evening's dinner conversation with my mother-in law ended up sparking the idea for tonight's post. I was trying to explain to my mother-in-law about someone I had met recently that I thought was just "cute as a button". I guess it is something that we say often in English, but it just doesn't seem to translate quite the same into German. I´ve always loved buttons, but I cannot really say why. I remember when I was a kid I would rummage through my mom's vintage button box which held some of the most fun and fantastic buttons I have ever seen.

Last year I went to the Wolle & Handarbeit Messe in Hamburg (wool & handcraft fair) It was delicious! I saw so many great things that left me walking out the door feeling so inspired and ready to create. I stumbled upon a really great booth that had the most fantastic buttons. So I gave my husband the biggest puppy dog eyes that I could give him, and by the end of the week my buttons had been delivered. And were they ever fabulous!

The thing my husband didn't tell me that the very buttons I had chosen are typically used in traditional German clothing. This is often used with heavy olive green wool, leather, and usually mixed with deer horn embellishments or silver buttons.(just like the ones seen above) It is really great for me to see such clothing, because again, we don't have these kind of traditions in the States.

So for me what were just some really great buttons that I saw at at craft fair last October, are really quite common here. I'm sure when people in Germany see how I use my buttons, it might appear to be quite odd and interesting. I have no prior experience with this style and so I am not locked into the idea that these buttons only match with this one traditional clothing style. According to my husband, the results are really "cute as a button".

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