Saturday, March 21, 2009

Art Show/Ausstellung

Our first spring show starts today... it will be lots of German practice for me, but I love meeting new people and interacting with customers. Lucky for me most people find my American accent, wrong sentence structure, and terrible grammar to be quite charming.


  1. Best of Luck! Ich bin absolut ueberzeugt dass Du Erfolg haben wirst!! Ich schicke Dir sehr viel "Positive Energie" und wuensche Dir alles Liebe!

  2. What beautiful goods!
    It always costs me quite an effort to talk and write (this is definitely more difficult - it takes me five times longer to write a comment on your posts than on a "german blog") to people in a foreign language, but it has always been good practice combined with a nice conversation.
    As you love interacting with people I'm quite sure that you will have a good time!
    So I wish you all the best and lots of fun!

  3. Auch von mir: Viel Erfolg und viele nette Kontakte!
    Die Dinge auf dem Fotot sehen sehr gut und ansprechend aus, super!
    Hoffentlich kommen auch viele Besucher, sonst läuft ja die schönste Ausstellung nicht.

    Herzliche Grüße

  4. enjoy that sounds wonderful , I love art girl friend is living in HH and she is a paper I let you know when there is a good market

  5. Thanks for all the good luck wishes. We are back and had a great show. It was such nice atmosphere with so many other talented artists around. Of course lots of German practice, and now we are planning an "English only" evening on the sofa to give my brain a rest. I'll post a few photos in the next few days.


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