Thursday, March 19, 2009

Favorite Seasons

My brother has a theory about birthdays and favorite seasons... he says that usually when you ask most people what is their favorite season that they name the season in which they were born. I do think that his theory could hold some truth and found his observation interesting when I answered his question with "spring" as my favorite season. In fact, I celebrate my birthday this month. He has not come up with a "favorite color" theory, but it may be no coincidence that mine is green.

... Just a few photos from my walk at my in-laws this week.


  1. Lovey. my favorite shot is the one of the hazelnut "catapillars". I remember seeing them occasionally when I walked in Blankenese.

  2. Lovely pictures! I adore orchids, too. By now I am the proud owner of twelfe. I love the idea of having orchids in a wedding bouquet! Must have looked beautiful!

  3. P.S. Werbe gerne für deine schönen Stoffe!

  4. wunderschön hast du es hier! deine stoffe...zum dahinschmelzen...

    herzliche grüße


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