Monday, March 30, 2009

Girls, Goldfish, and Strawberries

As part of my birthday present from my husband, we went to an art exhibition featuring the work of Henri Matisse on Saturday. We took the morning slow and eventually wandered downtown, despite the cold rain. During the exhibition my husband decided that we should play a little game... which painting would I pick if I could purchase one? We made our second round after careful observation of each piece and much to my surprise, after sharing and comparing, we both had this painting on our list. This painting is of Matisse's daughter, who was often the subject of his work.

I can remember back to my college days, (when no one could afford real art) I had this poster from Matisse's 1911 painting, titled Goldfish. Of course it would have been nice to see it live, but even though it was absent, I was more disappointed that the well-known paper cutout pieces from the later part of Matisse's career were not included in the exhibition.

Someone once told us that "rule" in Hamburg is that if you don't like the weather... just wait 30 minutes. Unfortunatley, this did not prove to be true because the rain never let up. Instead of eating sushi out, the gray, damp weather influenced us to make our way back home for dinner and spend the rest of our evening snuggled up together on the sofa. And what better way to end the day than with chocolate covered strawberries.


  1. Chocolate covered strawberries - hmmmm.
    Love the painting you chose!

  2. sounds like a lovely day - even with all the rain. i'm actually longing for rainy days - it's been such a long dry summer.
    i loved the painting you picked as well - the colours draw me in.

  3. Ein Kommentar auf Deutsch! :)
    Hamburg ist eine tolle Stadt!!!
    Und am besten sind die portugiesischen Kaffees mit galao und nata!

    Wie gern würde ich in Hamburg wohnen!

    Viele Grüsse dorthin!

  4. Julia, I think I would have to call Hamburg my favorite city in Germany (except for the rain). Especially in the summer time, I love the whole relaxed European way of life... sitting and lingering at an outside cafe, drinking coffee/tea with friends, and simply enjoying the day.

    However, it is my husband that is the coffee lover in the family, and of course an espresso was a given with the strawberries

    Grüße aus Hamburg!


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