Saturday, September 26, 2009

Herbstmarkt auf Gut Retzen

It always seems to get pretty quiet around here right before a show. Having other things on my plate the last few months, sewing has taken the back burner, but there is always that one last push before a show and it has felt good to get back into the swing of things. We just finished a small, family style Herbstmarkt (Fall Market) and now that the dust has settled, I have a little time to share.

Among the exhibitors was a retired gentleman that has been making willow baskets for years, and is really something to see an age tradition carried on.

A market in Germany just wouldn't be a market in Gemany unless there is a Crepe stand there. From savory to sweet, the filling choices are endless, and a rich chocolate Nutella crepe is always my husband's biggest temptation.

One could even spot royalty among the crowd... what a sweet and gracious princess!

For the kids entertainment, the local youth fire firefighters did a show exercise as a practice and performance to show what they have learned and trained.

My favorite "Blumenkinder" (flower children) were found among the exhibitors offerings, which is a German craft and tradition that has been passed on for hundreds of years. Angels and Christmas figures are especially popular.

And of course, flower arrangements reflecting the current season's color palette decorated the lawn and tables announcing the time of year.


  1. looks like fun. did you get a pumpkin? besos-jane

  2. Adorable and interesting walk... Have a nice day

  3. I'm with your husband on the crepe temptation! Delicious!

  4. Very tempting :-)..I love the German markets, in fact I love most European markets. I think I have some of the wooden decorations in my loft..I have outgrown them.

  5. don't you just love the floral arrangements over here?? I feel it is so rare I see one I don't like - especially at any markets or festivals!

  6. I love the flower arrangements in Germany. They are really amazing!

  7. sounds like you had a great time
    love the Blumenkinder

  8. Hey Allison,

    was für schöne Fotos! Ich bin nach deinem letzten Kommentar bei mir leider nicht dazu gekommen Dir zu antworten.Ich hatte furchtbar viel zu tun. Sorry!
    Also, ja, ich war auch auf dem Markt. und jetzt kommt die verrückte Erklärung zu meinem Verhältnis zu gabe :-)

    Die Schwiegermutter meiner Freundin, der der Stand an dem ich verkauft habe gehört hat, ist die beste Freundin von Gabi. Ich hoffe das war jetzt nicht zu kompliziert. Leider ist mein Englisch etwas eingerostet, sonst würde ich es für Dich übersetzten.

    Ich habe leider meine Kamera vergessen, deshalb konnt ich keine Photos mach, aber Deine sind dafür umso schöner geworden :-)

    Viele liebe Grüße,


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