Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Project

I guess I have always been one to make presents for holidays and birthdays, and at the last minute I decided that this year should be no exception for my niece's third birthday. This sweet doll dress may look a little familiar to you... but change the fabrics and colors and it looks like a whole new dress.

I chose the fun and bright fabrics from Heather Bailey's "Pop Garden" collection because my mother-in-law just made a "birthday dress" for my niece using the same fabrics. And what better way to say "I'm super special" than to have a matching dress for your favorite doll?

... speaking of Heather Bailey, she will be introducing a new fabric line at this year's International Quilt Market along with a few patterns. Here is just one of the adorable patterns that will be added to her list of other fantastic products. "Henrietta" is made with one of the fabrics from her new collection, Nicey Jane, which is more muted and not as bright as her previous "Pop Garden" collection... can't wait for the "proper introduction" this next month.


  1. Such a cute dress ..didn't realize it was for a doll LOL :-).

    Thank you for your lovely comment, about Paris. You will definitely have to go, seeing that you are close.

    A lot of my friends in Paris are Americans, and they have no problems with the French, strange never heard that before. I know they have problems with the British, but I never encountered any, I don't speak a lot of French either, but what I did, was no problem, I found them very very pleasant and helpful. :-)

  2. If you make any of those turtles I would like to buy one from you! They are darling!

  3. The dress and the fabric are gorgeous. I've never warmed up to her work until ... now! Thank you!

  4. How do you make those turtles? I would love one!


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