Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Featured Projects

Last year we did a Christmas market in a beautiful old estate castle. The grounds were beautifully decorated with a warmth and coziness that just put one in the Christmas mood. It was there that I met Beate... the first person to ever comment on on my blog! Quite the talented lady, Beate is constantly sharing creative sewing projects and ideas from purses and holiday decorating to beautiful garden and floral arrangements on her blog. One such purse that she posted about she used fabric from this week's featured designer and I love the soft yellow palette combination... just the right bag for shopping, don't you think?

Be sure to check out Beate's Dawanda shop with all kinds of goodies... perfect for the holiday season.

So how far are you on your Christmas shopping?


  1. sadly, I'm only halfway there!

    However, I did have to smile last night when my husband asked me to give him an orientation to the list of "Christmas idea" emails I've been sending him! =) I'm hoping for some fabric....

  2. Oh, what a nice surprise :) Thank you for posting my shopping-bag. I'm still in love with this beautiful fabric. This time I will sew a big cushion for my mom. I will show it on my blog. Have a wonderful christmas-time.
    Lg. Beate


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