Monday, December 14, 2009

First Frost

It was really cold today... cold enough to put on that extra layer. It seems as if the weather has finally shifted from a mild gray to cold and crisp, which I much prefer. This past week we had our first frost and I have always been fascinated with the transition into a white, pure, sparkling, and deep cold.

What is it about being able to see water up so close... to really be able to examine it in a completely different form, somehow capturing it's purity in a crystallized and unique form.


  1. Was für wunderschöne Fotos....

    Liebe Grüße, Smila

  2. Your pictures are very beautiful... You captured water...

  3. same here, precisely that "from a mild gray to cold and crisp", which I also much prefer.

    gorgeous shots. wow. it is pretty amazing water, isn't it? and it's snowing now! hooray!

  4. lovely shots! it´s been snowing here for the past 3 days... warm hugs dear allison.

  5. So lovely. Merry Christmas! Froeh Weinachten und alles gute fuer 2010!


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