Monday, December 28, 2009


For me having grown up in the mountains of West Virginia, nothing defined Christmas more to me than a thick, white blanket covering the ground to announce the winter holiday. The song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" could not define my feelings more perfectly. I love the silence and the stillness that seems to accompany the pure, sparkling flakes and to soak in that moment that one experiences, when things are so quiet that you can literally hear each one fall. I have so many childhood memories of sleigh riding, snow ball fights, and angels in the snow...

This season we awoke to such a powdery delight... I felt that same childlike gasp of wonderment escape my lips as I pulled the curtains back... SNOW! Wide-eyed, trying to drink in the breathtaking landscape that no lo
nger looked the same as the day before... only a smile could cover my face.

While our winter wonderland came early, I fully basked in the beauty of this act of nature that can calm and still one to the very core of one's soul.


  1. The amount of snow that I have seen in Hamburg over the last three years would not even come close to adding up to this... good eye, it is not Hamburg.

  2. The snow is an amazing thing! I can't imagine Christmas without snow. I can say: snow is an essential element of Christmas! :) Btw, very beautiful pictures!

  3. It does look like a winter wonderland. Gorgeous!

  4. HA! It was the wooden barn! I was like, now, come on, IF this would ever be up there, that building would be red brick with a green tin or thatched roof...

    Happy New Year, Alison.. I am heading off to the US for six short days -- a wedding -- and will be in touch when I return. Hope you are feeling well!


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