Friday, April 16, 2010

A Boy and His Tractor

There are some stories that just seem to stick with you, even from early childhood. You know, the kind of embarrassing tales that parents like to tell your teenage friends or future son-in-laws... mine are of a sassy little girl in ruffles and frills stomping her foot, with hands on her hips scolding and informing the passerby that "sweetie" was NOT her name.

I particularly love hearing stories of when my husband was a little boy. My husband grew up on a family farm, where his grandparents also lived on the old family farm estate... several generations living together. From the time he could barely walk, my husband always wanted to ride the tractor with his grandfather and was not silent or satisfied until he was right beside him for all the plowing and harvesting action. Since tractors at that time did not have seat belts, they literally had to strap him in to keep him from falling off the tractor when he would fall asleep for his morning or afternoon nap.
I can just imagine the sweet, little boy tilted over deep in sleep, too tired to stay awake any longer, but too determined to not miss a thing.

It is interesting how the things that are so a part of our lives as children can overflow into adulthood. My husband met recently with schoolmates from middle school, and the one thing that everyone remembered about him was that he was always drawing tractors. It was to no surprise to any of them when he explained what his profession is today.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband. Put him in a field of grain with just about the biggest tractor one can find, and he lights up like that little boy that I imagine falling asleep on the tractor all those years ago...

Well, I guess what they say... "like father, like son". We most certainly cannot let our little "tractor driver" be deprived of being introduced to the joys of tractor driving. Last week's visit from my parents, we were flooded with clothes and presents, which of course included the latest fashions for even the smallest of tractor drivers. (planned to be purchased in every size available!) But "all things tractor" does not stop there.

Don't you think that daddy will love feeding the little guy with this great spoon?!? I was so excited to have won it
just before our little one was born from a blog giveaway by Baroque Babies. Laura and Kim, also American expats living in Germany, have a really great blog where they write about everything from life in Germany to super cute to super cool products for everyone from baby to grown ups. I often shake my head in agreement when I read about their experiences in Germany, thinking... "that so hits the nail on the head!"

... somehow, I have the feeling that the tractor story will not end here. I look forward to seeing if my husband's passion will be passed on... only time will tell.

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