Thursday, April 22, 2010

What the Stork Brought

It's no secret that I am a big fan of handmade. In fact, this year for Christmas the majority of my presents that I gave, I either made or I purchased handmade. I hope that my crafted items have advanced past the colorful scribbles and scratches that my mom used to hang on her refrigerator.

But this time I have been on the receiving end of the handmade gifts and I must say... I am blown away! Look at this super sweet and soft blanket that my friend made me. I was floored when I opened the package and could only think about the time that it took to make this. Jennifer and I go way back... we were in diapers together. And now, we were pregnant at the same time... she still has a few months to go, but it's interesting that we started our family in the same year. I think she is keeping her fingers crossed that her stripes in her baby's blanket will be pink. (I'll cross my fingers with you, Jen!)

How about this sweet card from Kathrin?!? I must admit, I'll never know how people came up with the story that storks bring babies... it is even suggested that the tall tale originated in the Netherlands or Northern Germany... hmmm. (read more about it here)

Many, many thanks to the both of you! You really made me smile.


  1. I'm so glad you liked the blanket! The card is so cute!!! What a great idea...I may try something like that for one of my other friends who is having a baby if you don't think your friend will mind me using her idea.

  2. What a beautiful gift and adorable card! How blessed you are to have such talented friends.


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