Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time, Time, Time

Now is the time of year where it seems that I am always torn over where to spend my time. On one side I look at all the beautiful spring flowers that are just starting to come up, dried plants that need to be trimmed, and then suddenly visions of what flowers to plant here and there come to mind... I'm drawn to the garden and the fresh air. But then I walk into my office to send a few e-mails, complete invoices and shipments, and then just one glance at my fabric wall with bright and cheerful new spring colors and patterns and I suddenly feel my fingers starting to itch... again I see visions of all the things I can create. What is a girl to do?

But right now, I will just have to leave you with a few photos of the beautiful, bright, and perky tulips that I purchased to cheer our dining room table.

I know the inner deliberation of the upcoming season all too well... I guess a lot will depend on if the baby prefers the fresh air and chirping of birds or the gentle hum of the sewing machine and steam of the iron. What will be fighting for your time this spring?


  1. I think that a lot of indoor work can be done in the evenings.. I say to my husband, time and time again, that computer work can wait until dark.. outside with warmth and light cannot.

    I am sure your little baby would prefer to be outside.. :-) Love the photos ! Very cheery..

  2. Now that my office has been pretty well organized w/new storage, I'm all game to sew. But it's also the time I need to pound the virtual pavement with my freelance work before the summer drought arrives and all the academics go on eternal holidays! I'm also making a bid on a project that would be very time-consuming if it were to go through....meaning not much time for 'fun', but it would be good income...such is life! right brain/left brain!

  3. I love Germany at this time of year; especially driving across the countryside and seeing the bright fields of yellow green. Have a fantastic week!

  4. Beautiful photos...
    Happy Spring!

  5. oh these shots are beautiful. i have a feeling you are going to end up taking long walks and smelling the flowers;) enjoy!


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