Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A German Wedding Evening Party

Usually after a German wedding there is some kind of champagne or coffee and cake reception, but the evening party is when it all starts. For such parties, many people go back their home or hotel to rest for a bit and then get dressed back up for the big event that same evening. This can sometimes be a very formal event, and this was the first time that I have worn an evening gown to a wedding where I was not one of the bridesmaids. At our wedding my husband was quite entertained when my mom asked him a little perplexed... "and you mean that the people actually come back?!?"

It seems as though I was just as captivated by the evening wear as I was by the afternoon fashions... lace and beading, colorful shawls, large glittering jewelry accents, and evening clutches to drool over, paying the closest attention to each small detail...

I loved seeing men dressed up like penguins in their stark contrasting black and white tuxes, seeming to be more interested in talking business or hobbies, while the women flittered around like proud peacocks observing what everyone else was wearing.

The father of the bride and his sister trumpeted the "call to eat" song, which is more of a tradition after a hunt, before everyone piled into the tent for an absolutely fabulous spread of food. I was escorted to my table by my Tisch Herr (table gentleman), whose sole task is "taking care" of his Tisch Dame (table lady) for the evening.

Many times speeches are given and often friends and families come up with silly skits about the married couple, which can be quite entertaining. Once the music starts, it is usually with formal dancing and I love seeing couples float effortlessly over the dance floor. It is an absolute must to bring comfortable shoes to the evening party because everyone dances until they just can't dance anymore... there is just no going home at the strike of midnight!


  1. looks lovely! In my experience German weddings do tend to be much more formal than the typical American wedding. I've since learned that I've really got to beef up my wardrobe before I attend another German wedding! I can completely understand that you had to go shopping for several outfits for a wedding that actually called itself 'formal' in this country! =P

  2. oh this is fabulous! and wonderful style! the spaniards can be very tacky and such events... thanks for this!
    hope you are enjoying your summer:)

  3. Jane, this sparks my curiousity of who can be tackier... the spaniards or americans. Have you fogotten already about shaving cream and tin can decorated cars?!?

  4. So beautiful! I love the peacock adornment in the above photos! Jane's comment makes me laugh because in America our cars were decorated with shaving cream and oreo's. Then in Germany one of my husbands family members decorated the house with maniquins that were dressed up in wedding clothes and an American flag and German flag.


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